For anon, as prompted:

Hey:) will you write a one shot where finchel are just-friends and single (and virgins) and one day/night when they’re hanging our together decide to play dirty truth or dare… Just without the truth;) so they use that app called “dirty game - truth or dare”, but just select dare and 2 players. Smut ensues. Please have them do like 10+ dares:) Maybe download the (free) app as well:) thanks soooop much if you write this:) xxxx
I can’t fix the spacing but la dee da you can still read it and that’s what matters.
Finn laid on his back head resting on Middle C of Rachel’s piano rug, tossing a baseball up and down and up and down and up and down. “You done yet?” He asked.
"You didn’t have to come over today, you know," Rachel snapped in reply. "I told you I had homework to do."
"Yeah, but it’s the third friday of senior year, my best friend’s dads are out of town, and that happens like…never. I wasn’t gonna miss it."
"What exactly is so enticing about my dads being gone anyway?" Rachel asked, scribbling down another answer. Its not like we’d do anything, she thought with a particularly jabbed period.
They were just best friends. Best friends who told each other absolutely everything, from how much her cramps hurt that month to his worries about college. If Finn liked Rachel as more than that, certainly it would have come up over the past seven years.
Not that he knew about her undisclosed emotions for him, but that was completely different! Finn had a girlfriend…five months ago.
"There’s a lot good about being home alone, Rach!" Finn replied, sitting up. "We can watch TV really loud, sing and dance with the music on high, talk about whatever shit we want wherever we want, make cookies at 2 am-"
"-You mean I can make cookies so that you can eat them at 2 am.”
"I’d help," Finn compromised with a cheeky grin.
She rolled her eyes fondly, poking a pink bookmark into the text’s crease and shutting all her homework. “You’ve convinced me. It’s a good idea to be home alone, starting….now!” Rachel started to tickle Finn madly, giggling. 
"Ack, Rachel, no!" Finn shrieked back, swatting at her and grabbing at her wrists. They rolled around, laughing and battling for a few minutes until Rachel had been compromised, Finn’s straddling her on his knees with her wrists pinned above the halo of her hair. Finn leered down at her, saying, "Now this is what you do when you get a hot girl home alone.”
Rachel stuck her tongue out at Finn, still trying to wriggle out of his grip and ignore the flush under her cheeks. “You say things like that while on top of me and still wonder why people think we’re a couple?”
"It’d never work; I don’t date short girls."
Rachel hummed in admission. “And I don’t date football players.”
Finn barked a laugh. “Sam? Puck? No football players since when?”
"Since they’ve taken to cutting the circulation out of my hands!" Finn looked up at her hands, eyes widening as he quickly let go of her hands. He was midst apology when Rachel sprung up, hands knocking him back and ending right on his sides to tickle. "Victory!" She shrieked, topping it off with a cackle. She may have pushed a little harder than normal, her mind replaying that "I don’t date short girls" drivel, but no one could prove a thing.
"Ra-Rachel! Gerroff!"
She slipped a hand into Finn’s pocket, pulling out his cell phone as if that were her goal all along. She leapt onto her bed, deftly unlocking the iPhone in one try. “You should really change your password, Finny. It’s been the same for two months.” Rachel cooed, flipping through the phone as Finn recovered. For being half Finn’s size, Rachel was excellent at playing keep-away, even as he sprawled on top of her, trying to rescue the iPhone. “Woah, what’s this?! Did you get a new app?”
"Don’t look at that!"
"Why not?" She laughed, looking closer. “‘Dirty Game- Truth or Dare’. Why, Finn! Does Carole know?!"
Honestly, Rachel was a little hurt she didn’t know.
"Puck put it on there," he grunted, still reaching after Rachel’s quick movements.
Rachel let Finn get it out of her hand at last, letting them both sit up in normal positions. She raised her eyebrows teasingly at Finn. “Puck did, really? Ooooh, did you two lovebirds have fun playing?”
"Shut up, Rachel. You’ve been hanging out with Santana too much- he just put it on there because it’s cool or something. Maybe for idiot horndogs like him, but when you’re single and a not e-"
"So you don’t want to play?" Rachel’s words tumbled out of her mouth before she knew what she was doing. One glance at Finn’s dish-eyed expression and she had her hands plastered over her mouth, trying to push the offensive words back in.
"Like…with….you? Right now?"
He didn’t look…opposed to the idea. Just shocked. Rachel steeled herself, dropping her hands daintily to her lap and giving a curt nod. “Consider it like this- we’re both seniors, we’re both virgin seniors, we’re very best friends…I dont know I’ll be this physically and emotional comfortable with another boy, especially one so attractive as you.” She took a deep breath, trying to read Finn’s mind from the tiny upturn of his lips. “We don’t have to do a single thing the other one doesn’t want to. We were each other’s first kiss, it’s not like doing these things with each other to, um, ‘get it over with’ is very foreign to either of us.”
Finn’s smile disappeared with a sigh. “Rachel, that first kiss…We were twelve, and you…I wasn’t trying to ‘get it over with’, I really-“
Rachel waved her hand. “Finn, you just said it- we were twelve. We’re seniors now, and I want to take advantage of an empty home and play Noah’s stupid game.
Finn bit his lip, then stared hard at Rachel and nodded. “Okay. But one rule- I don’t want to do the truths. They’re all stupid and we know them all already.”
"How do you know that?"
"I’ve looked at this app before, Rachel," Finn said with an eyeroll. "Yes, by myself; keep the smart remarks to yourself."
"You know I’d never really tease you, Finnikins,” Rachel said with a bat of her eyelashes.
"Somehow I don’t believe that, CareBerr.”
Rachel scootched away from Finn with a protesting noise. “You are not allowed to use Daddy’s petname before we play an erotic iPhone app!”
Finn laughed, singing, “That’s what you get!” as he reopened the app, setting up a two-player game. “I’m going first.” Dramatically, Finn swirled his finger in the air and brought it down onto ‘Dare’. “Okay, it says I have to….lick my partner’s ears.”
"It says that?!" Rachel balked. "That’s not dirty, that’s just weird!"
"Right, like you didn’t bite Puck’s ears when you guys got hot and heavy."
Rachel’s face lit bright red. “He told you that?!”
"You didn’t exactly date a gentleman when you picked him, y’know," Finn answered, moving closer to her. "Now, hold still so I can lick your ears."
Still upset at the loss of trust, Rachel didn’t pay much heed to Finn crawling over towards her. True, she and Finn kept almost nothing quiet, including sexual things, but that particular makeout had a bit too much imagining his face for her to be comfortable having Finn know its intimate details.
She was brought back to earth when Finn softly pushed her hair behind her ear, leaning in and breathing softly on her ear. Surprised by the sensation, Rachel giggled and angled her head away from Finn.
"Hey, get back here!" Finn said, taking her chin in his hand to hold her steady. He cautiously touched Rachel’s ear with his tongue, making her laugh even louder. "Stop it! I’m trying to be sexy!"
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry!" Rachel apologized between laughs. She took a deep breath, turning to smile at Finn. Collapsing into another fit of giggles, Rachel couldn’t stop until Finn was pouting, arms crossed over his chest. She closed her eyes, changing the scene- Finn was her boyfriend, breathing dirty words down her neck and peeling off that cashmere sweater. Shivering in delight, Rachel nodded. "Okay, I’m ready now."
She could feel the breath just as imagined, Finn’s tongue finding her earlobe and curling masterfully up to the top of it. Chilled air hit the moisture, heightening Rachel’s senses as she tightened her grip on her own knees. He took the top of her ear between his teeth gently, teasing it with his tongue as her eyelids fluttered. “The other one now,” Finn narrated, voice husky. Gentle fingers moved the curtain of her hair again, hot breath making Rachel feel hot in far more places than her ears. He was just as loving with this ear as the first, and as Rachel realized what he’d done to her slight kink, she couldn’t hold in a slight whimper.
Finn backed off, asking, “Did I hurt you?”
Rachel opened her eyes and looked at him before turning away, cheeks tinting in embarrassment. Quickly, she swallowed her arousal. “No, no, you were fine. It’s my turn for the dare.” She put out her hand expectedly, taking the phone and clicking the button for the next dare. Rachel bit back a smile as she read aloud, “Pass a candy to your partner using just the lips.” 
Daintily, Rachel hopped off her bed and opened up her desk drawer. “I happen to have an emergency candy drawer for late night practices and low blood sugar.”
"How come I didn’t know that?!"
"Because I actually like having candy in here,” she replied, teasing. Rachel rejoined him on the bed and unwrapped the dark chocolate kiss. “Get ready, Finn,” she sang. Popping the tapered top into her mouth, the candy stuck out around her puckered lips. Rachel crooked her finger seductively, making Finn grin.
He got as close as possible, Rachel suddenly worrying the candy might melt before anything happened. Finn leaned in, wrapping his own lips over the other edge of the candy. Their lips just barely touched, Finn’s on top of hers. And then, surprising Rachel entirely, Finn’s tongue wrapped around the candy. It poked into her mouth, coated in chocolate and holy shit Finn’s tongue was in her mouth, if only for a second, popping the chocolate into his own mouth. For good measure, Rachel kept leaning in, kissing Finn. And he was kissing her back. Her heart rate was picking up, and she didn’t pull back until four kisses later. Rachel was flustered, Finn clearly so himself as he adjusted his seat on the bed. “Good chocolate,” he offered to break the tension.
"It’s your turn," Rachel said as she pushed the phone towards him. 
Rachel watched Finn swallow the kiss and get to the next dare. “‘Place an ice cube on your partner’s navel until it melts. Your partner can’t use hands to keep it in place, and you can only use your lips.’ You don’t happen to have ice conveniently in a drawer in here too, do you?”
"Nope, just the kitchen." She shook her head in pride, Finn looking at her expectantly. "It’s your dare, big guy. Go get the ice cube yourself." She grinned as he grumbled and left to get the ice. Rachel’s grin lasted until the moment Finn left her room, falling back on her bed and groaning. This was going to be the most sexually frustrating sleepover in eternity, if she couldn’t even kiss the damn boy of her dreams while he did these things to her.
About a minute later, Finn came back, ice already melting in his hands. “Are you…getting ready or something?” 
She lifted up her head, laughing at herself. “Um, yes.” Rachel reached down to her midriff, pulling the sweater and undershirt up to meet her bra. Her tanned stomach raised and lowered with her breathing as Finn walked over.
He straddled her, lower than when they’d tickled, and put the ice on her navel. Rachel gasped in shock at the sensation, Finn’s hands automatically reaching to fix it. “Oh, right, no hands,” he mumbled, holding them behind himself. Awkwardly, he moved his hands back again, on either side of Rachel, and bent down.
And that’s what made her breathing pick up. Seeing Finn’s head that dangerously low, added to the sensation of the ice…it was a bit much. Rachel’s senses were all alight, making it almost impossible to stay still. Her rapid breathing moved the ice around, Finn’s nimble tongue pushing it back and forth towards its resting place. She shut her eyes to contain herself, but dammit, each time that hot tongue pressed on her freezing stomach, Rachel practically rose off the bed. It was a few incredible, intense minutes before she felt Finn sit up. “It’s…melted,” he told her.
"Good," Rachel mumbled, sitting up and moving away. She pulled her shirt back down, taking a deep breath. "This game is very sexually frustrating," she announced.
"I think that’s the point, Rach," Finn said, looking a little proud of himself.
She smiled, shaking her head and putting out a hand. Finn put the iPhone in her hand, letting Rachel read her dare. At last- equality! “Stroke your partner’s T-shirt or pants until you see the pants move or t-shirt stiffen.”
Finn looked horrified, making Rachel roll her eyes. “Please, Finn. Don’t look like getting a boner around me is going to be the worst thing in the world.”
"Uh, that’s…not…the issue." He assured her. Looking down at his pants, Finn gave a weak laugh. "It’s just…uh…gonna be pretty easy for you."
Rachel bit her lip to hide an amused smile, trying not to move into position too quickly. She sat knee-to-knee with Finn, hands on his thighs. “Ready?” When he gave the nod, she immediately palmed him.
And immediately, Finn’s warning made sense. He was already half-hard, and already she could feel his impressive size. After indulging in a few seconds of holyshitmyhandisonFinn’sdick, Rachel began to stroke. Up and down, feeling exactly where his business was. Finn seemed to whine, looking up at the ceiling as Rachel just felt. And she could feel him moving from her attention.
So maybe she was breaking the rules, going farther than the game said. Finn wasn’t stopping her…so Rachel kept stroking. Now very prominent through his jeans, she traced the shape of his penis along the front, down the sides, from the bottom to the top. She chewed on her lip as her heart picked up, Finn getting more and more turned on. His whines were interspersed with labored breaths, even one guttural ”Rachel,” before a hand gripped her wrist.
She looked up at him, feigning innocence. Finn almost laughed at her. “Rach, I think it moved.”
Rachel blushed. “Sorry.” She backed off, pulling her hands around her knees.
"Don’t be," Finn said, even as he now looked uncomfortable finding a seat. "You don’t know how many times I’ve imagined that…shit, but I don’t want to come in my pants with you doing that.”
She perked up, her heart squeezing. If Finn had imagined her sexually, he’d probably imagined her romantically, too. “You’ve imagined it? What happened to total openness in every subject about eachother?”
"So I lied a little bit…I’m being open about it now, Rach. And with the look on your face when you touched my pants, I don’t think I was the only one holding back."
Rachel chuckled, because Finn was definitely right about that. Playing with her hands in her own lap, she chanced a glance up at her best friend. “How long have you thought about me like that?”
In reply, Finn put his finger against Rachel’s lips. “Now, now, Rach. We agreed ‘no truth, only dare’. And it’s my turn.” She stuck her tongue out at him, but still handed Finn the phone. Before he pressed the button, Finn looked back at her. “But you should know…long  enough that those feelings were why Quinn and I didn’t work out.”
Before Rachel could bring in too much talking and too many feelings, he chose the next dare and read it aloud. “Unhook your partner’s bra and take it off her body, using only one hand.” Finn grinned mischeavously at Rachel, putting down the phone. “C’mere, you.”
Rachel couldn’t help but laugh at Finn’s flirtatious growl. It was silly, but somehow loving, somehow sensual. It was just so perfectly…Finn. Besides, his recent confession seemed to make everything between them lighter and yet so muh more real. So she scooted closer, turning her back to Finn.
Awkwardly, but curiously, he slid a hand up her back. Rachel tingled at his fingers skating along the skin, fumbling with the hook. Suppressing giggles, Rachel held her own hair as Finn worked. “Got it!” he cheered, just as she felt the underwear fall slack. 
"You have to get it off, Hudson,” Rachel reminded as the giggle escaped.
"Uh…with your sweater on?" Rachel nodded, almost evilly. Finn begrudgingly groaned. As he pushed and pulled at the straps, messing with the sleeves, Rachel finally gave in and stopped his hand. "Okay, Finn. I’ll take it off… but you have to swear to stay to my back."
"Ra-chel,” Finn whined. 
She smirked before looking over her shoulder at him. “What, do you want to see my boobs or something?”
"Come on, Rach. You’ve known I wanted to see them since they…happened."
Rachel snorted. “That wasn’t very romantic. For that, I maintain my demands. No peeking.”
"Fine," he grumbled. Satisfied, Rachel carefully pulled off her sweater, holding it on her lap. "One of these dares is probably gonna make you show them to me." Rachel didn’t answer, just smiled small enough Finn couldn’t see it. The idea of being so vulnerable, so sexy, so available to Finn was more than enticing. Especially considering he wanted her, obviously…the only thing stopping her from giving him exactly what he wanted was pride. Pride and the allure of this cat and mouse game, where she held a bit more power.
Finn’s fingers ran lightly over the expanse of exposed back, sending shivers down Rachel’s spine. Barely, she could pick up whispers. “God”, “You’re so sexy,” and simply “Rachel” narrated as his one hand took hold of a strap. He gently led it down and helping, Rachel slid her arm out. His fingers were wandering, touching the bare side of her breast as Finn moaned. Gasping, Rachel let him.
She could feel him pressed against her back as the bra hung loose down her front. Rachel’s eyes flitted to the side to see Finn staring straight ahead, trying his best not to look down and break that promise. His hand, however, was taking the scenic route up to her other shoulder. Her chest rose and fell with shuddered breaths under Finn’s feverish touch. Instinctually, a hand grabbed his as fingers grazed a nipple. She could feel herself wetter than ever before, holding Finn’s hand over her racing heart. 
"You….need to keep up with the dare, Finn," Rachel breathed. Against her own head, she could feel him nod and Rachel released his hand. It went right to her shoulder then, sliding the rest of the bra down and off.
Rachel pulled the sweater back over her head and chest, “lest we be distracted,” she explained. 
"Yeah…you have very distracty boobs," Finn agreed with a blush. "They’re awesome. Not that I saw them, but….yeah."
Smiling, Rachel leaned in and pecked the corner of his mouth. “Thanks. My turn.” Blushing slightly, she clicked through on the app for the next dare. Rachel read aloud, “Take off your partner’s underwear using only your teeth.” She set the phone down and grinned. “Unbutton, Finny!”
Finn didn’t need to be asked again; he didn’t even sass Rachel for the nickname. Pushing his jeans all the way off, he laid down flat in just his boxer-briefs. 
Rachel hummed appreciatively, running her hand along his legs as she settled into place above him. “Now this…. this was always one of my favorite day-dreams.”
Finn apparently agreed, his hips jumping a bit as her warm voice played over his navel. “See…told you….you’ve been holding back, too.”
"I had an excuse. You had a girlfriend and I promised not to make things awkward for you, back when you first started dating and I said I didn’t like her."
"I only told you to keep that to yourself because it hu-hurt being so close to having….to having you…without having you."
Rachel ran fingers over his abs, hoping to stay seductive and not ruin it, expressing the joy she felt at this conversation. “Let’s work on our communication later. I have a dare to do.”
Finn took a deep breath. The sheets pooled around him were already mussed out of recognizable order, so he gripped two handfuls of fabric and nodded.
Nose nuzzling Finn’s hipbone, she pulled his waistband into her teeth. Rachel straddled Finn then, slowly dragging down. The fabric caught on his erect member, but she lovingly pulled it up and over.
The sight made Rachel bite harder on the fabric, her eyes less than an inch away from Finn’s oversized dick. Erect for her. She wanted to touch it, lick it, hold it, god….but Rachel was nothing if not a rule-follower, and this called for only the teeth. So obediently, she continued to drag the underwear down. Along his thighs, over his knees, past the calves, off the feet. 
Rachel sat up, dropping the boxer-briefs from her mouth, eyes still trained on his dick. “Baby, like that, you looked like an animal,” Finn commented. Rachel looked up to meet his eyes, if only for a second, before looking back down. “Hey,” Finn growled, sitting up and covering himself with his hands. “If I can’t see your boobs, you can’t see my business.”
Huffing, Rachel crossed her arms. She glared at Finn before sputtering, “Even after I said all that?”
Finn nodded. “The boob thing was right after I said all my shit, so, yeah. Even after all that.”
"I….I suppose that’s fair, but it’s your turn now."
He laughed and nodded, flipping to the app. “Kiss your partner’s feet and legs all the way up to the inner thigh.” Finn grinned, directing Rachel to lay down. Once she was in a better position (and staring up at the ceiling, as he insisted), he got on hands and knees over her now-sockless feet. Finn held her ankle up in both hands, kissing it softly. He pressed his lips along her, moving higher and higher.
The farther north Finn’s mouth moved, the father south Rachel’s blood flowed. Tongue caressed her calf as he worked, lips moving around her knee. The kisses got more sensual as he moved and soon, Rachel’s hands were pulling at the bedsheets. Her head was tossed to the side, catching her breath as hot breath tickled sensitive inner thigh.
Finn sucked and licked and nipped. Rachel’s legs were spread, the foot of her dry leg curling desperately into the bed. He continued work, hands tenderly holding her in place, and didn’t let up until a shiny hickey marked his spot. Satisfied, he gave it a little kiss and sat up between her legs. “Alright. Your turn.”
She looked up at Finn as if he were crazy. “Give me a moment, Finn.”
Finn looked at her face in pride and amusement. “Babe, all I did was kiss you!”
"First of all," she said with closed eyes, "The ‘Babe’ thing isn’t speeding this up any. Secondly, I did a lot less to get you hard, so don’t be like that."
Chuckling, Finn leaned over and kissed her cheek. Rachel grabbed his wrist with one hand, her other hand redirecting Finn’s mouth to her own. A gentle kiss quickly turned deeper, but when Finn’s still exposed dick poked her thigh, Rachel broke off. “My turn,” she exhaled.
The two sat up, grabbing the iPhone. Finn ran fingers through Rachel’s hair as she softly read the next dare. “‘Blindfolded, you must kiss three specific body parts chosen by the other player. Guess the exact location without using hands.’ I have the perfect thing for that!”
Rachel jumped up from her spot on the bed, skipping over to her closet and pulling out a dark blue scarf. “We really could have used this for some of those ‘no hands’ dares,” she commented, sitting down and tying it around her head.
"We’ll have to do that later, then. I can probably think of a few dares on my own."
Rachel grinned wordlessly, blushing as she tied. She could, too.
Once ready, Rachel faced Finn’s voice. “I can’t see a thing, I promise.”
"Then I dare…I dare you to kiss my lips."
"Finn…babe, that’s easy,” Rachel purred. She followed his voice, hands on either side of him. Rachel let her mouth line up with his steady breath, pressing lips against his. Finn’s hands buried themselves in her hair, holding Rachel against him as their lips danced. She sucked on his upper lip until Finn’s tongue prodded her, opening slightly for him. Rachel moaned in delight, rubbing hers gently against his before it darted back out. And she pulled off, catching her breath. “Where next?”
"My….my collar." Obediently, Rachel moved lower. Her lips grazed down Finn’s chin, along his jaw and down his neck, mouthing as she went. He groaned, clearly not upset with her method. Rachel’s fingers pulled at the neckline of his shirt, exposing more- it wasn’t breaking the rules if she’d already found the spot, certainly. She let her lips lead to the collar, nipping before kissing.
"And the third?" Rachel purred before kissing his collarbone again. 
"My mouth again."
"You’re boring," Rachel teased, propelling herself up to peck his lips. "Naked from the waist down and you want me to kiss your mouth?”
Finn untied the scarf from around her head, throwing it behind him. His hands returned behind her head to keep her gaze on his loving eyes. “I always want you to kiss my mouth.” Proving his point, Finn kissed her again, much deeper than the last peck.
After Finn broke off the kiss, he combed his fingers out of Rachel’s hair and down her back. “Whose turn is it now?”
"Um. Yours." Rachel grabbed the iPhone and gave it to Finn to click.
He laughed triumphantly, showing the screen off to Rachel. Reading it out loud as her eyes caught up, Finn announced, “‘Hug each other topless.’ Your sweater comes off.”
Rachel couldn’t help but laugh. She poked Finn. “Yours, too, Mr.’I-won’t-swim-without-my-shirt-on’. And I want to see yours off, first.”
"What? That’s not fair! It’s my dare! And I’m already…" He gestured to his naked lap, "…exposed!"
"Exactly, Hudson! So, strip!"
Finn grumbled as he pulled the shirt and undershirt off, throwing them somewhere else. “Happy?” He asked, now entirely naked Rachel’s eyes raked over him, a stupid smile stuck on her face and she nodded in agreement.
"I will never understand why you’re so hesitant about yourself shirtless. Finn, you’re so sexy.”
Finn sighed. “Rachel, I’ve seen those other guys. I’ve seen Sam, and Puck, and Mike…and I’m downright…chubbytown.”
Rachel shook her head and moved closer, running her hands over his pecs and down to his stomach. “You’re so wrong. Those guys, especially Sam…they’re so defined it’s actually scary. You’re real, baby. You’re perfect.” She moaned through her closed mouth as Rachel’s hands explored, feeling Finn sit up a little more confidently with each curious stroke. When she teased a nipple, Finn groaned a bit, too.
Finally, he stilled her hand. “As nice as that is…it’s your turn.” He ran his hands down to her sides, holding the sweater.
"Ooh, you’re gonna help?" Rachel asked, teasing in her voice. Gladly, she raised her arms above her head.
Finn tugged the sweater up and off quickly, staring in dumbfounded delight as Rachel’s boobs fell into place. From her toned, trim stomach to the perfect valley between her chest, he couldn’t look away. “You’re so beautiful,” Finn cooed, wringing his hands to stop from inappropriate touching.
Rachel giggled, taking his hand in hers. She brought it to the side of her breast, telling him breathily, “You can touch, Finn. I touched your chest.”
Finn whimpered, falling in closer to Rachel. His thumb played over his boob, another hand roving down over Rachel’s stomach. Rachel’s breathing grew labored, her eyelids fluttering. “Finn,” she mumbled, chest arching into his hand. “Finn, we need…the dare.”
Finn looked up at her from staring down at her and nodded, moving closer still. He put his arms around her, tugging Rachel’s chest in against his own. Rachel purred in contentment, setting her head on Finn’s shoulder as she just embraced the feeling of skin on skin. 
His hands moved along Rachel’s back, the two holding the hug for about a minute. Finally, Finn pressed a kiss to the apple of Rachel’s cheek and pulled away. “One more dare. It’s…um…your turn, I think.”
"Yeah," Rachel agreed, scooting back. She gave Finn another once over, from his chest to his dick, before grabbing the phone. She clicked dare, giving a guttural laugh. "Lick chocolate off of your partner’s body," she read in the same voice. Immediately, Rachel jumped off the bed and sashayed over to her chocolate drawer, pulling out another chocolate kiss. Walking back to the bed, she rolled it between her hands to warm it up.
"Lay down, handsome." Rachel requested. She straddled him, skirt hiked up around her stomach and lightly playing against his thighs. Finn looked up at her and swallowed nervously. Rachel opened the kiss, holding the tapered edge in hand, and slowly, lovingly, drew a chocolate line along Finn’s lower abdomen, hipbone to hipbone, tantalizingly and just barely avoiding his member.
By the time her line was done, chocolate had melted all over Rachel’s hand. She bit her lip mischievously  “Can I touch-” Rachel looked down, Finn’s eyes following hers to his erect dick, “-there?”
Realizing the ramifications of allowing that, he nodded. Rachel reached down with a chocolatey hand and gripped him, eliciting a gasp as she held tight and pulled the hand off.
Rachel bent over Finn and pressed her tongue to his hipbone. She almost bit herself as his hips jumped at the mere contact. Rachel smirked as she pushed him down, laving along the chocolate. She kissed a little here, licked a little there, letting Finn’s whimpers guide her. Bare breasts lay across Finn’s legs as Rachel lapped up the chocolate. Finally, all that was left was his dick, spilling with excitement.
Her heart pounded as she changed her straddling position. This was unlike anything she’d ever, ever done…save for a few dreams during the lonely days and quiet nights. She held his base, one thumb moving up and down. Finn groaned, sputtering out, “Rachel, oh, god, please baby girl. Rachel, I want you.”
Encouraged, she lowered her lips to his tip. Cautiously, Rachel kissed once before moving slightly away. She put her tongue against Finn’s shaft, wrapping around it and licking the length, just barely tinged with chocolate. Finn gasped, his hips jumping and his mouth spewing profanities. The chocolate was gone, but now that Rachel had a taste, she couldn’t settle for just that. The pounding in her own crotch agreed.
She brought her lips back to the tip, this time with more insistence. Opening wide, she lowered her mouth onto Finn and sucked. He gasped, pulling the fitted sheet right off its corner. “Rachel!” Finn gasped. Her eyes looked up at him, reading first surprise and then delight as a sign to keep going.
She mouthed up and down, getting bolder and wrapping her tongue around him. Finn’s hips jumped, pushing himself farther into Rachel’s mouth, and she’d never been more grateful for a missing gag-reflex. Finn’s words and noises encouraged her, mouthing up and down and sucking hard. His thrusts were getting consistent, and Rachel quickly worked to meet him. 
"Shit, baby, I’m- I’m- I’m…" Finn groaned out loud as Rachel got even lower on him. He shot down her throat and fell against the bed. Rachel slid off of his dick and wiped her mouth daintily. She sat up, licking lips proudly. "Shit," Finn repeated, catching his breath.
Rachel giggled and laid down right against him. She put a hand on his chest, looking up at his face. “So….can I add blow-jobs to my list of oral talents?”
Finn looked at her, giving her that expression he only ever shared when she sang a solo or bested some bully with sheer brilliance. “Oh, my god, Rach,” Finn said. He grabbed her face and pulled her in for a powerful kiss. 
"I didn’t get the chance to try any exotic techniques, like humming, but once we’ve practiced enough that you have longer endurance, I’m certain-"
"Oh my god, I love you," Finn laughed, kissing her again. He pulled off faster and before Rachel could reciprocate, biting his lip. "Um."
"You love me?" Rachel asked, stunned.
"Yeah, I totally, totally do, but this was probably not the best moment to tell you that. I don’t just love you because of a kickass blow-job. I just, like, I just thought about that because only you would do something like that, and then say something like that. You’re already planning how to make it better. I just love how Rachel you are, Rachel.”
Rachel melted into a smile, pulling in for another kiss. “I love how Finn you are, Finn. And I completely, irrevocably love you, too.”
Finn nibbled her lip, then threw his legs over hers. “It’s my turn for another dare.”
"Aren’t you exhausted?" Rachel asked, laughing.
"Maybe I want to repay the girl I love," he answered, sitting up over her and grabbing the phone. He pressed ‘dare’, made a face and clicked it again. Finn ignored Rachel’s shrieks that he was cheating, three clicks later cheering, "aha! ‘Kiss your partner down there.’" He looked down at Rachel, throwing her a half-smile as her mouth froze around a complaint, no noise coming out.
"Remember, Rach," Finn went on, "I don’t have to do any dare you’re not comfortable with."
"NoImcomfortablewiththat," she exhaled. Finn grinned at her, throwing the phone away. He crawled lower down Rachel, pulling off her skirt and panties when she lifted her hips for him. 
Finn stared at the girl, completely naked before him and glistening in need. “Rachel, you’re beautiful,” he cooed, moving closer. She could see him shaking as Finn asked, “…you’re sure?”
"I thought you were the one who wanted this dare, babe," Rachel asked in a low voice.
"I do," he squeaked, "I just…want to be sure you’re okay."
"Finn. I want you. I’ve wanted you for years. Kiss me.”
Finn bit back a goofy grin, asking, “French kiss okay?”
Rachel laughed, spreading her legs wider in answer. “Stop stalling and eat me.”
"So vulgar," Finn teased, visibly easing. He lowered closer to her, kissing the hickey he left earlier. Rachel hummed in pleasure, feeling herself get even wetter. Finn kissed her inner thighs, fingers teasing her stomach as she quivered. His fingers moved closer to her, and eventually he palmed her.
Rachel rose off the bed, gasping at the contact. “Finn, oh, god!”
"You’re so wet, Rach," he replied, fingers curling and brushing her before pulling off. She whimpered. He kissed closer and closer, lips quivering as they touched her, quivering even more. "I love you," he breathed, so quiet Rachel almost couldn’t hear over the pounding of her heart.
Finn kissed around, looking for the spot every girl had, according to Puck. He let the writing and incredibly sexy moaning be his guide, finally finding that clit. Finn kissed it. Rachel grabbed the sheets and whimpered. He sucked. Her eyes rolled back and her hips jumped with a shriek.
It didn’t take much of Finn’s oral attention to get her bucking, especially the way his thumbs teased the junctions at her legs. Getting brave, he laved his tongue through Rachel’s folds. His tongue pressed deep into her, tasting Rachel’s sweet arousal. She mewled, arching and pushing closer to his mouth and tongue. Finn started to swirl his tongue around, the probing muscle pressing against all her walls.
The feeling was too much, too intense, and Rachel couldn’t seem to shriek loud enough to express it. Everything was on fire, and then his thumb moved even closer to his mouth, pressing and rubbing on her clit. Bucking faster, Rachel could feel her climax coming. With a whining gasp, she came on Finn’s mouth. She panted as he pulled off, licking his lips before wiping his mouth. 
"Finn," Rachel said in a wavering voice. A sexed-out smile crossed her features, and she crooked a finger towards him. "C’mere."
He crawled over to her, laying their naked bodies gently on top of one another. Rachel laced her fingers into his messy hair, kissing him deeply. She licked her lips, making a face. “That’s what I taste like?”
"Baby, I love what you taste like.” Finn promised, pecking her softly. 
Rachel hummed in pleasure, running hands all over his body. “I love you.”
"And I’m gonna have to thank Puck for that app."
"About that-" Rachel started. She paused, long enough for Finn to look at her with concern. "I have one more dare."
"Aren’t you exhausted?" Finn parroted, kissing her cheek.
"I dare you to be my boyfriend," she whispered.
"I dare you to try and stop me."
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